DD-7207 GPS (Discontinued)

Windows based navigation and AV receiver for vehicles with Toyota universal fitting

  • International advanced MPEG-4 decoding technology
  • Super sensitive touch screen control
  • Compatible with MP3, MP4, AVI (DivX / Xvid), DVD, VCD, CD, JPEG
  • 4.1 Channel Audio & 2 Channel Video RCA Output
  • 2 Channel Audio & 1 Channel Video RCA Input
  • Plug & Play Support for USB & SD card
  • 30 Radio Stations, Auto Scan, Memory storage
  • Dustproof, covered DVD mechanism
  • Rear View Camera support for reverse gear
  • Dual Band Radio (FM/AM)
  • 16:9 Aspect Ratio, High resolution, 6.95” Digital Panel
  • iPod Audio Control
  • Built in Satellite Navigation Receiver
  • TV Receiver Function (PAL / NTSC / SECAM)


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