Navigation and DVD Receiver with Custom Panel fitting for Toyota Corolla (2014)

  • Runs latest Navitel 3D navigation maps for better, clearer and robust directions.
  • 16:9 Aspect Ratio, High resolution, 9” Digital Panel.
  • Built in Amplifier for powerful 4 x 50W output.
  • Enjoy and control DVD playback via on-screen menu support.
  • Experience seamless Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free calling, accessing phone book and call records and streaming music from your phone.
  • OEM jack compatibility for hassle free installation and steering wheel control for enhanced ease of use.
  • One AV RCA input and two AV RCA Output.
  • Play Media directly from your Micro-SD Card or USB Drive.
  • Dual band radio with auto scan and memory storage for 18 FM channels and 12 AM channels.
  • International advanced MPEG-4 decoding technology.
  • Resistive touch screen control.
  • Compatible with MP3, MP4, AVI (DivX, Xvid), DVD, VCD, CD, JPEG.
  • 4.1 Channel Audio RCA Output for Amplifier.
  • Plug & Play Support for USB & SD card.
  • Dustproof, covered DVD mechanism.
  • Front and Rear View Camera support .